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Creative Finland

Best practices of creative industries


Creative Expertise Projects

Get to know the Creative Expertise projects, which aim to strengthen cooperation between creative industries, growth sectors and sectors facing structural change.

Luova Matka – Culture Creators Go Tourism

The aim of the project is to activate the creative industries to find business opportunities through cooperation with tourism, which also creates added value for tourism and travel companies.

LicenseUp – More Business with Immaterial Rights

The project seeks to improve the creative industry SMEs’ capabilities and turnover by improving their ability to utilize immaterial properties more efficiently.


Kortteeri aims to create new location-related experiences by bringing together art, design, museums, galleries, and brick-and-mortar businesses. The goal of the project is to enliven the center areas of small and medium-sized rural villages.

Creve 2.0 – Collaboration model for creative business services

The aim of the project is to create a national structure of services for creative industries that has constant collaboration with other industries, business services, educational institutions and other supporting services.

HYPE – Multidisciplinary serious game education

The project generates new cross-sectoral collaboration to create and tailor new educational opportunities on serious game technology. The goal is to increase industrial deployment of game technology and gamification.

City Drivers     

The aim of the project is to improve the skills of creative professionals to provide services based on service design and co-development.

Innovation Resource Moderating Tool (IRM-Tool)

IRM-Tool is an innovation project that bridges creative knowledge with the maritime industry’s innovation needs. Project develops a concept or a tool that utilizes innovation theories in actual problem solving situations.

From Stories to Games

Objective of the project is to open museums’ cultural heritage content for versatile use in the gaming industry in order to develop story-based digital game applications.

Virtual Medicine – Creative competence for social and health care

The aim is to use the creative field competence to develop commercial applications for the needs of the social and health care by means of digital technologies.

Design or Die – Creative Value Creation and Competitiveness

The aim of the project is to increase the possibilities of recognising and utilising creative competence as a new source of competitiveness among businesses, organisations and networks.

Culture Tourism for City Breakers

The project focuses on building city-based international cultural tourism. It brings cultural production, tourism management and business together in order to build a co-development forum for cultural tourism actors with strong connection to educational institutions.


The project supports creative industries' players in strengthening their technological know-how. In addition, the project seeks ways to increase ICT and cultural affiliation in the polytechnic's educational structures.

Extended Actors' Skills

The project develops professional actors' cross-disciplinary skills and finds ways to apply them in various environments. The goal is to improve actors’ self-employment possibilities and to initiate the creation of new businesses.

FIVR Virtual Reality Growth Program

FIVR growth program cultivates the creation of Finnish virtual reality start-ups, and helps existing companies to utilize this new technology in creative industries.


The project combines the competence of creative industries with bio and circular economy. The aim of the project is to develop competitive expertise for the development and commercialisation of food packaging utilizing side streams in the process industry.

CCF – Culture Creative Fund

The project tackles the challenges of creating solutions for creative industries to develop their finance scene. The project will endorse and transmit knowledge of new forms of funding. 

Solutions for the integration of art into construction projects

The project aims to increase the number of art and creative design commissions by municipalities and construction companies. The project creates procedures for collaboration between the construction and art sectors.



The results of the Creative Expertise project network and from the creative industries can be found here. We bring project achievements and new service and operational models to everyone.