Solving maritime industry challenges through creative expertise

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Seven art professionals created art concepts for challenges presented by three maritime industry companies. The process was organized by IRM-Tool project in co-operation with Art Promotion Centre Finland.

In a joint kick-off workshop, each company presented to the artists challenges that required creative expertise. Marine industry companies involved in the project included Meyer Turku, Arctech Helsinki Shipyard and Wilhelmsen Ships Service. The artists involved were: visual artist Heini Aho, visual artist Sini-Meri Hedberg, media artist Jukka Hautamäki, dancer Sampo Kerola, comic artist Ville Pirinen, sculptor and artist Oona Tikka, and actor Tobias Zilliacus.

After four months of working on the ideas and participating in several workshops, the artists presented nearly ten different creative concepts in the Aboa Mare Maritime Training Center. Arctech was presented with an interesting event concept related to the dilemma “Shipyard in the Middle of the City”. Meyer Turku was proposed to improve its work community through a game concept. Another idea was a concept that combines neural networks with art and technology. Wilhelmsen's challenges were approached through comic art.

The process strengthened interaction between professional artists and the maritime industry. The importance of an intermediary also arose: bridge building is needed for the expertise of artists to become part of the development of the maritime industry. The role of the intermediary was observed by Arto Kunnola from Clap Ltd. This understanding will be structured and shared so that it will be useful to similar experiments in the future. The obtained information will be analysed and distributed for the use of future experiments.

The IRM-Tool project is coordinated by Novia University of Applied Sciences. The purpose of the project is to boost creative job opportunities in maritime industry by enabling encounters between the creative fields and maritime industry. The project develops a concept or a tool that helps to utilize innovation theories in concrete problem-solving situations.

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Photos: Teemu Nurminen, Arto Kunnola