Creative Finland Website Published!

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

Creative Finland brings forward the best practices in creative industries from Finland and around the world.

The key objectives of the activity are communication about and advocating for the creative industries. Creative Finland incites the exchange of ideas and encourages discussion among multidisciplinary networks and enterprises. Creative Finland focuses on comprehensible and pragmatic activities.

The objectives will be implemented with partners such as the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Business Finland, creative industries and regional actors. We share meaningful stories, where people communicate and listen to each other.

The logo of Creative Finland is designed by Tomi Tallqvist, ABCC Ananas, Bananas & Cucumber Creative.

AGMA Association of Agents and Managers in Creative Industries manages the Creative Finland project from April 1, 2018 to December 31, 2020. The project has been funded by the European Social Fund (ESF).