A new report on the status of ecosystem development in the Finnish creative economy

Technical Research Centre of Finland VTT's study In search of Finnish creative economy ecosystems and their development needs was published in the beginning of October. International benchmarking shows that official recognition, champions and organisations are needed to establish a common voice for creative sector actors.

This report reviews the status of domestic creative economy ecosystem development, benchmarks creative economy focused policies and models in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the Republic of Korea (South Korea), and gives recommendations on how to support cross-sectoral use of creative competencies in ecosystem development in Finland.

Creative activities are grouped into four categories (creative and cultural products, creative content, creative services, creative environments and platforms) that differ from each other in terms of value creation logic, easiness of scalability and recycling of intangible value, and the role of interaction and communities in the value creation process.

Supporting cross-sectoral collaboration and wider use of creative competencies calls for a clear national policy recognising pivotal role of regional hubs, attention to fostering practise oriented business skills in initial education, and flexible arrangements for accessing complementary expertise and facilities.

To improve the availability and relevance of data on creative activity, the report proposes to study and pilot the use of textual data and text mining techniques to complement official statistics on economic activities, and systemise data collection on publicly funded projects.

The report is produced by VTT's research team, which has been supported by international experts in the UK and the Netherlands.