The Creative Industries in Finland

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The Creative Industries in Finland


What are the Creative Industries, what kind of business do they do and what kind of potential do they hold?


The Creative Industries produce sustainable growth, wellbeing and new jobs. They form a sizeable part of the Finnish economy.

Growth Potential and Scalable Work in the Creative Industries


Creative work can be produced as unique products, projects for a client or scalable production for the mass market. At the core of everything is making use of creativity, skill and vision.

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Creative Expertise

Creative experts provide other industries with vision and expertise. Creativity is the ability to produce new, original interpretations and make them come to life.

Different points of view are required in order to achieve sustainable reform. Multidisciplinary work, co-creating and working in networks are all characteristic of creative experts.

Public Funding for Creative Enterprise


The infographic shows the most common public subsidies to companies, including financial instruments specifically designed for the creative industries.

The funding options are presented as easy-to-follow paths. In addition, they are linked directly to the websites of the funding providers.

Trends affecting the future opportunities of creative field and businesses


The infographic is pointing out the future trends affecting the opportunities of creative field and businesses. The infographic was created on materials from the workshop for the Creative Industry Network in the Northern Dimension Area.

Creative Finland has taken a part in producing the content on the infographic. Get more information on each topic by clicking the trends.

Creative Industry Network in the Northern Dimension area

Northern Dimension Partnership on Cultur

The creative economy is one of the most rapidly growing sectors in the world. In the Northern Dimension area, several organizations exist to support entrepreneurs in the cultural and creative industries. These organizations will ensure the CCIs continue to thrive, boosting the economy and sustainable growth in their area.

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